Physical and Mental Automation, Spiritual Affinities

The most wonderful thing for all the living animals in the heavenly framework is, obviously, a physical and social condition as indicated by their will to live. At the end of the day, it is a domain fitting to their common characteristics. I have seen numerous instances of this, as I need to work with living materials as a result of my calling. Have you at any point seen how the tomato plant develops in 25-26 degree Celsius with rich water and sustenance?

Have you at any point perceived how solid a bacterium develops in a hatchery acclimated to 37 degree Celsius, which is the advancement ideal of it in a proper situation? Have you at any point seen how an individual contends energetically and excitedly among the general population who like to think and create thoughts like him, anyway he is in reality independent and calm?

Sadly, it isn’t constantly workable professionally thing to live in a proper situation. A tomato plant which is acclimated to 25 Celsius degree needs to develop in 15 Celsius degree or an asthenic individual who wants to think and create thoughts needs to live with excursion type individuals who don’t prefer to think yet to run errands. Obviously, this circumstance is a wellspring of worry for those living things.

In any case, Allah (swt) never leaves powerless the animals that He made with His leniency; He prepared practically each living animal with physiologic, substantial, and mental systems so as to embrace their surroundings.

1. Physical and mental computerization

The most developed of these instruments is the physical and mental mechanization of the living things.

The activities that are rehashed for certain reasons change into propensities first and afterward they become interests and addictions. The recollections, contemplations, and dreams rehashed rationally moved toward becoming fancies and fixations. In any case, propensities and fancies are ordinary mental wonder, fixations and interests are mental sicknesses that must be restored.

I might want to give you a couple of precedents for a superior comprehension.

On the off chance that you can drive a vehicle or play a melodic instrument, recall the main days you were figuring out how to do these. You were appearing extraordinary consideration towards the conduct you mean at first. Each move you needed to do was hard to the point that you needed to consider them for quite a long time. The challenges may likewise be in your fantasies at evenings. In any case, after you adapted, every one of the troubles were lost and you started doing numerous things naturally without considering. The mechanization of the rehashed activities is known as the “production of propensity” or “computerization”. The propensities mean a few exercises which are acknowledged with misery and agony since they were hard ending up progressively pleasant via computerization with our characteristic abilities. In the event that the practices, which progressed toward becoming propensities, are rehashed as a result of delight, “interests” and “addictions” happen. It is seen that numerous youngsters who used to drive autos become dependent on it in time. You can generally observe youngsters who are dependent on music or amusements. Individuals utilize the expression “be insane for something” for the addictions, which transform into sicknesses.

Despite the fact that in physical propensities the heart is full with thoughts and dreams identified with these activities at first, as the activities become programmed, the heart is calmed in light of the fact that the profound occupation is diminished. Mental propensities are the exact inverse of physical propensities. A few thoughts and recollections become “dreams” that has more spot as they are rehashed. On the off chance that these reiterations proceed, they possess the heart totally by making “scholarly fixations”.

2. Otherworldly Affinities Emerged from Togetherness: “Profound Connections”

Dear Readers, there is additionally another kind of mechanization, called “molding”, that outcomes from the redundancy of the relations; it is a standout amongst the most significant components of otherworldly affinities. I need to give you a model regarding the matter:

Consider the circumstance of an understudy in a nation a long way from his own, at a college he is curious about with. He has another social condition made out of individuals he doesn’t have the foggiest idea. He starts to like great practices of certain individuals in this condition. Some “profound relations” begin towards these individuals in his heart. They are single direction feelings.

In the event that one of these individuals has sufficient energy to welcome or talk for some time, this single direction compassion changes into a correspondence. Also, the affection for his new companion becomes greater. As this “profound association” gets more grounded, he has more thoughts, dreams, and dreams of his new companion.

On the off chance that he proceeds with the relations with his companion and they go out to eat or do sports or watch football match or see a show together every now and again, this “profound association” gets more grounded. Since the lives of these two become the equivalent. Along these lines, he as often as possible recollects his companion.

One of the incomparable Islam researchers, Abdulhakim Arvasi said “The heart is liable to eyes and ears”. At the end of the day, the heart will have dreams and recollections of what ears and eyes are occupied with.

In the event that these companions see each other frequently, at that point he is so bound together with the other that he can’t manage without him. His heart is brimming with the contemplations, thoughts, and dreams of him. On the off chance that his companion is female, the dreams on the most fundamental level are joined by the sexual wishes and wants of the self image.

Those considerations as a primary concern presently are “fixations”. He doesn’t hinder considering or recollecting his companion. He can’t delete the dreams of him even he needs to do it. Since they are presently part of his identity.

3. Referencing makes otherworldly affinities more grounded

Dear Readers, some “otherworldly associations” rise when individuals are dependably with some living and nonliving things, not just with their companions, due to molding.

It isn’t significant what you are with. It tends to be a companion, a creature or even a non-living thing.

In the event that an individual takes a stroll on a similar road ceaselessly, some “otherworldly associations” develop in his heart. In the event that he visits another city for some time, he misses everything on that road in light of the profound associations he doesn’t know about. These profound associations become more grounded if their recollections are rehashed by photographs, movies, recordings, or discussions about them.

The human spirit by and large demonstrates similar responses to the fantasies of the things and occasions as it responds to the genuine ones. For instance, an individual who sees somebody he adores is cheerful and when he recollects that him, he winds up upbeat once more. Numerous individuals fear going out around evening time since they fear the musings and thoughts of them. Numerous individuals show imitates of nauseate, as they see the thing in genuine, when an appalling is referenced. Due to this element of the heart that it demonstrates similar responses to dreams and substances, how the otherworldly associations are framed at harmony with the self of the merchandise, in like manner profound associations are shaped at fellowship with their fantasies. Each time he recalls the thing, circumstance or the occasion, these profound affinities become more grounded.

Dear Readers, this physical and profound robotization and the otherworldly associations are the most significant elements that facilitate our adjustment to physical and social condition and fulfill us.

These “conditionings” and the “otherworldly closeness” that happens in our souls, obviously, is a major leniency and endowment of Allah. An “otherworldly love circle” is framed among “human” and “everything around human”. Furthermore, an individual will understand the adoration circle when he is far from this condition and starts to miss them. In any case, if the breaking points are surpassed as far as these profound associations, they become “dependence” and “fixations” like our psychological exercises. They change into mental sicknesses that bother our lives. Though the individual must be in the halfway. It is requested in the Hadiths that:

“Keep away from very outrageousness and very inadequacy.” [Bukhari]

“Who is over the top would be demolished.” [Muslim]

“The medium work is great.” [Deylemi, Beyheki]

4. The enthusiasm for Allah wipes off every one of the things in heart as opposed to Allah.

Subsequently, Allah Who knows all that He made attempts to shield human from this lack of balance. This is the motivation behind why Allah requested and prompted human not to offer significance to anybody or anything besides rather Allah’s will.

It is requested in Qur’an multiple times that Allah must be referenced however much as could reasonably be expected.

Rasulullah requested in the Hadiths that:

“Notice Allah as much as you need, until (divisive) individuals state that you are insane” (Ramuz’ul Ehadis)

At the point when the individual notices Allah, a “profound closeness” is shaped in his heart, for example, the otherworldly association for the material. Each time this recognition is rehashed, this “otherworldly proclivity” gets more grounded. It turns into an “otherworldly enthusiasm” inevitably.

This heavenly energy for Allah tidies up the various things as opposed to Allah. Accordingly, there is no affection or duty as an enthusiasm left in the heart instead of Allah. Allah is constantly adored the most. The Muslims having genuine conviction has no mental fixations, interests, or addictions.

Anyway, Islam itself is an awesome request that endeavors to supplant human in its genuine spot by interfacing him to the genuine god Allah by decontaminating the human from every one of the things that his inner self has divinized be depended to Allah.

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